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About Us is a Centregold subsidiary specially created in 2009 for selling, buying and exchanging of WebMoney units online. Initially started as a Canadian corporation in 2007, Centregold is now represented in Hong Kong, British Virgin Islands, and Cyprus. Since the beginning, there has been a lengthy process of making our business fit and satisfy your fine needs. This is why there is no question that one of the goals of Centregold is satisfaction of our customers. In order to achieve it, we strive to provide a very high level of service, Internet security, friendly support, privacy, usefulness and convenience. We offer individual approach for every customer, and consider all questions and requests very important.

You now have access to one (if not the one) of the fastest, most convenient and demanded services in the digital currency industry. You can rely on our expertise in the digital currency market and IT security and advancement that have been transformed into knowledge and then into the process of building our new system Centregold. Our website is hosted on a dedicated server in a highly reliable and robust data centre in Montr?al. The website is also secured with an additional layer of protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks. These are just a few of the measures we have taken to ensure your personal information is secure and that you are satisfied with what we do for you.

As to our thoughts about the future, throughout these four years of our business we added several new payment options, widened our presence throughout the world to facilitate business for our global customers, launched an official blog, improved security and order verification techniques, and also introduced a debit card for our customers.

Centregold hopes to see you among our satisfied customers!

Stay with us for more exciting features and services and thank you for choosing Centregold!

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