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Positive comment MOHAMMED May 20, 2018 Good service Thanks

Positive comment Sarah May 12, 2018 You did it again how great you are thanks for being so fast

Positive comment Sarah May 11, 2018 I want to say thank you again for being so fast I will always used Centre Gold Thank You Thank You

Positive comment MOHAMMED May 9, 2018 Thanks CENTREGOLD

Positive comment JOHN May 8, 2018 Second to none quality! Absolutely fast processing. I will continue to recommend Centregold to my constituents. Thanks again

Positive comment Muhammad May 8, 2018 Centre Gold is perhaps the fastest. Love it.

Positive comment MOHAMMED May 5, 2018 Good service Thanks CENTREGOLD

Positive comment Sarah May 4, 2018 Thanks for being so fast again

Positive comment T. R. May 3, 2018 Iím excited about the fact that you guys have an option for e-transfer payments. Etransfers are very popular in Toronto, Canada. The transaction was simple and fast. It was also cheaper than the other payment methods. Will be doing more transactions.

Positive comment CG100711 April 30, 2018 Thanks For Being So Fast

Negative comment Steve April 28, 2018 Your service is appalling ,if my business was run the way you run yours I would be broke.You treat people with contempt . Every time put purchase through you return with we have run out of Gold. You lie in your responses. On your web page you say exchange 6 hours even on weekends , how about changing that to 6 days. My next lot is still waiting and has gone beyond 6 days maybe this is 6 weeks. You have cost me 50k already and in 24 hours another 100k. . Your responses when you do are starting to make me think they are coming from a robbot.

Neutral comment Ted April 24, 2018 when will this order be credited to my c-gold acct. 41663 (Panama Holdings)

Positive comment a. k. April 24, 2018 Support was of really great support this time. Thank you.

Positive comment Padraig Boland April 19, 2018 Very prompt and would highly recommend Centregold

Positive comment Steve April 17, 2018 easy Transaction

Positive comment Steve April 17, 2018 Easy Transaction

Negative comment Marsha April 17, 2018 Not happy, my bitcoin is lost and I want it back!!

Positive comment Ted April 15, 2018 Thank you

Positive comment CG104089 April 6, 2018 Greetings from doctorjulietrudeau User ID GC 104088 Bitcoin transaction 110226-104089 Which shows completed, but has yet to show in my cgold account, was meant to be 99.00 USD, in which I actually sent 101.00usd. Please adjust this total before sending to the cgold account, thanks kindly Doctorjulietrudeau Above is a ticket I lodged to correct the error, Which has not been acknowledged.

Negative comment CG104089 April 6, 2018 Greetings from doctorjulietrudeau User ID GC 104088 With regards to the below transaction 2018-04-05 05:53:41 Payment Received Memo: Order ID: 110219-104089 from 153 Centregold 813110 +16.2329 697.38 USD worth 42.9608 USD per (G) Has been received The adjusted amount is 732.25 USD 34.87 is outstanding Please send the full adjusted amount, thank you. Doctorjulietrudeau

Positive comment CG47xxx April 5, 2018 Good service, pls soon fix sci problem.

Positive comment CG4x9x4 April 5, 2018 Service good and reliable, but payment sci have problem. they should fix sci urgently. After make payment always expire order, that`s not good...

Positive comment Marlon March 31, 2018 Amazing! Blazing fast transaction.

Positive comment E. P. March 30, 2018 Once again ... fast and Professional! Very trusted exchanger.

Positive comment E. P. March 29, 2018 Very fast and professional! Thank you very much Centregold.

Negative comment Martin March 29, 2018 This order took several days to be fullfilled but the most negative thing is that it was sent to a wrong BTC purse and I am losing money for the decline in the BTC price. Bad experience!

Positive comment Lukmon March 26, 2018 I was skeptical about my money bcos there is no review/feedback about this website online,but the transaction was done successfully without stress. Thank you But it's a bit expensive but at least money was not lost. Fast service.

Positive comment J. P. March 15, 2018 Awesome service as always CG. Thank you very much indeed!

Positive comment Anonymous March 15, 2018 Perfect, flawless and fast.

Positive comment paulette kendricks March 5, 2018 i have two c-gold accounts but i only created 1 which is 46068, i'm not sure of the other one "46123" can you kindly remove it thanks. Also i have not received the $265.63

Positive comment E. P. March 5, 2018 Yay.!!! Thank you so very much!

Positive comment E. P. March 5, 2018 This is a very reliable company. They work hard to get what you want Very fast!

Positive comment J. P. March 4, 2018 I have had so many deadlines to meet so far this month and CG has completed my transactions in record time! Thank you so much CG!

Positive comment J. P. March 4, 2018 I am so grateful for your exceptional service. With my great gratitude!

Positive comment J. P. March 4, 2018 CG You are simply the very best! Thank you so much!

Positive comment J. P. March 4, 2018 Thank you SOOOO much for the fast transaction CG!

Positive comment CG10x8xx March 2, 2018 I had a pending order verification from 4 days. This service is very slow!

Negative comment Anonymous March 2, 2018 The service is too slow.

Positive comment Roland February 25, 2018 Nice work ,fast delivery. :)

Positive comment Diane February 21, 2018 Your service is efficient and professional. You are prompt to answer any question. thank you

Positive comment Vaillancourt February 17, 2018 I appreciate your prompt reply, support and your services.

Positive comment Daniel February 16, 2018 Nice exchange. Centre GOld is the best.

Positive comment Benny February 16, 2018 Thank you on a quick transaction!

Positive comment Benny February 9, 2018 I'm back. Once again, another successful transaction.

Positive comment Roland Schimpf February 8, 2018 Dommage pour le fromage... Vous n'acceptez plus de Cartes bancaires?

Positive comment a. k. February 3, 2018 wonderbargh, hassle less.

Positive comment Murali Krishna February 2, 2018 Taken long time for Authentication...

Positive comment Linda January 30, 2018 Easy transaction. This was my 1st time. I will be using you again.

Positive comment Noel January 27, 2018 Thanks again for your quick excellent service!

Positive comment Caleb January 20, 2018 Very nice

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